Deep State vs. White Nationalism: Afrikan Survival in the 21st Century (2-Disc DVD Set) - .mp4 Electronic Email Version

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Deep State vs. White Nationalism: Afrikan Survival in the 21st Century

America is on the verge of a modern day Civil War; but most Black people don't understand the underlying issues driving this conflict. Furthermore, we don't even know how to differentiate the different sides. As a result, we have no credible way to determine what our position should be in this war.
This (2-disc) DVD lecture breaks down the key issues driving the 2020 Presidential Election and the real sides to this impending Civil War; they are not Democrat and Republican. We explain the difference between white Nationalist philosophy and the Deep State. We also provide significant insight into the considerations Black people in the US and worldwide must take into account when involving ourselves in politics.
Lastly, this lecture CLEARLY outlines the primary threats to Afrikan Survival in the 21st Century and provides simple, practical solutions to countering these threats. It's the most relevant socio-political resource for Black people in the 21st Century thus far. Get it and share it with your friends and families so they can truly BE WOKE.
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