Entertainment: Fighting the Poltergeist Series (3-Disc DVD Set)

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Entertainment: Fighting the Poltergeist

Part 1 focuses on The History of the Entertainment Industry as we know it. You will learn the true history behind the entertainment industry and its part in keeping Black people oppressed in the Western hemisphere.

Part 2 focuses on Plots and Themes. You will learn exactly how the ideas are put together to create a media product (movie, television program, etc. . . ) and how it is being used to manipulate the minds of Black people.

Part 3 focuses on Virtual Warfare: Black Resistance to the white Poltergeist. You will learn how ideas and images can be put together in order to make a product that benefits our people.

If you've ever wondered about the hidden messages in media; if you ever wished you had a simple and consistent way to determine if a movie was good or bad; if you ever wondered who was behind the entertainment industry and why they depict Black people the way they do, this is the DVD series for you.

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