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Journey to Amen
INSPIRATIONAL!!! This is Part (2) of the "Where Is Your Black God?" lecture that was originally released in 2007.

The Black Race has been locked in european/arab/asiatic spiritual prisons for hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of years. This lecture allows us to travel back in time, reconnect with our Afrikan spirituality, discover our Black God and Goddess, and take a critical, analytical look at what it will take to restore Afrikan people to our righteous Black spirits and minds.

Never before has there been a more comprehensive discussion on the spiritual enslavement of our people and never before has there been a clearer path to escape the spiritual enslavement that plagues Afrikan people across the globe.

This lecture is brand new as of November 22, 2017. What you will learn will change the course of your Afrikan life forever.


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