Mind Your Black Business Series (3-Disc DVD Set)

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Mind Your Black Business 1
Black people are facing an economic crisis in amerikkka. Our rate of unemployment is spiraling out of control, our business ownership is dismal, and our business ethics is horrendous - particularly when dealing with one another. We need to clean up our act.

What we don’t understand is that Black people have actually been the most industrious people in amerikkka. The problem isn’t that we haven’t produced; it’s that everything we’ve produced has been co-opted, stolen, and/or destroyed by whites.

This lecture examines some of the main flaws with contemporary Black businesses and deals with the reality that for Black people in amerikkka:

Business Is Warfare

Mind Your Black Business 2: Why We So Broke?

Black people are often reminded that our economic condition is a result of a number of our own bad habits. We've all heard the lines before -
  1. "Black folks spend our money on foolishness"
  2. "We'd rather have a car than a house."
  3. "We don't support one another."
  4. "We just don't know how to work together."

Though there is some truth in these statements, they are not the source of our economic condition. The true source of economic woes is militant white agression. This lecture examines the history of white economic aggression and warfare against Black people.

Business Is Warfare

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