Sexual Warfare: Blacks vs. "Homos"

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Sexual Warfare: Blacks vs. "Homos"

Black people are under a "homosexual" assault. In D.C., Atlanta, L.A., New York, London, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Zanzibar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Sudan, Cuba, and everywhere else you find Afrikan people, you find white-sex offenders (pedophiles and "homosexuals") pushing their filthy misbehavior down our throats. Fortunately, we have not become so sick that we are taking it without a fight.

In every place of note where there are Black people under "homosexual" assault, there are Black Sexual-Sanity Freedom Fighters standing up to support the relationship between the Black man and the Black woman.

This (2) part DVD lecture details the history and current details of the Black vs. Homo War.

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