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Smallhats: Mortal Enemy to Planet Earth

The entire world is being overthrown and destroyed by smallhats. These architects of the COVID-19 plannedemic, massive miscegenation, televised homophilia, international child sex-trafficking, and more are in the process of the complete overthrow of America. If they succeed, their rule will have grave impact on the entire planet.

This 3-DVD set is from a series of recent interviews with Brother T. West of Afrisynergy where Irritated Genie details the historical and current reality Black people and the entire world face as a result of smallhat conquest & hegemony.

Disc 1 - Never Again: Message to Black America
Disc 2 - Who Exactly is Stealing the 2020 Election from President Trump?

Disc 3 - Synagogue of Satan

America is on the cusp of its most bloody war ever. This war will largely be between white Anglo-Saxons and smallhats (etc: white "jew", Askenazi, Sephardic, fake media, big pharma, big tech, big money, Deep State), unless Black people are unwitting enough to be drawn into it by proxy. We must understand why the Anglo-Saxons feel a sense of outrage, remind them that what they are complaining about is what they've been doing to us for centuries, and politely step aside and let them determine how far they are willing to go to prevent from being treated like Black people in America (ie: reduced to a position of slavery).

Purchase this 3-DVD series to prepare your family for the coming reality of 2021 and beyond.

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