Don't Take the Vaccine (2-Disc DVD Set)

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Don't Take the Vaccine:

Biowarfare has been used by white Americans against Black Americans since the early 1900's. And once Henry Kissinger authored NSSM 200 in 1974, America committed to the global genocide of Afrikan people. What white Americans didn't realize was that they were building the construct for their own demise.

Now that we are facing forced vaccinations and other unhealthy mandates, it's becoming clear that ALL Black and white Anglo-Saxon Americans are facing the same genocide.

This lecture reveals who is behind this global genocide, what their objectives are, what they've put in these harmful injections called "vaccines," and what we must do to save our Race and the planet.

Disc 1 - US History of Biowarfare Against Black People
Disc 2 - They Want to Put the Monster in Us

This is THE ONLY PLACE you'll receive this honest assessment of who is behind this global genocide and why they are doing it. YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT GET THIS INFORMATION ANYWHERE ELSE. Show it to your family, friends, neighbors, etc . . . Black people, White folks, Asians, Hispanics, and everyone who will listen needs this information. We are all under extermination siege.


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