The War Against Satan

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This DVD lecture on religion and spirituality is guaranteed to open the minds of any Afrikan anywhere in the world who watches it. It is the most recent addition to the WOH Religion lecture series. You will love it. Done August 11, 2018.

The War Against Satan
Satan has taken over the economic, political, social, religious, and spiritual culture of the Black community in America. And he is trying to wrestle a complete grip on the entire Afrikan world.

With only a few people willing to publicly stand against Satan's wicked world of destruction, men like Apostle Gino Jennings, Irritated Genie of Soufeese, and a hand full of others represent the modern-day Davids facing the Goliath of homophile culture and demonic wickedness being forced on the entire world.

This video reminds all of us of our duty to keep God's law and our cultural responsibility as Afrikan people to live by a code of decency and resist the wicked world of Satan at all costs.

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