WOH Introductory Racism white Supremacy Course (RwS-101)

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This is a 5-part introductory course on Racism white Supremacy featuring “The Irritated Genie of Soufeese.” Each class breaks down 1 or more of the major areas of people activity as defined in the 1970’s by Neely Fuller.

After completing this 5-part course on Racism white Supremacy, each Afrikan will be able to understand how racism works in the following areas:

Class 1 - Education
Class 2 - Economics/Labor/Law/Politics
Class 3 - Sex and Health
Class 4 - Religion and Spirituality
Class 5 - War

This 5-Part DVD series of classes on Racism white Supremacy is an outstanding introductory course for Brothers and Sisters of all ages.

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