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***This lecture series will be emailed to you WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER YOUR ORDER IS PLACED at the email address you use to pay for your product unless you specify otherwise. Your computer requires at least 8GB of free space to download these lectures. It may take between 20 minutes - 2 hours to download depending on the speed of your Internet connection.***This 4-part DVD series on religion and spirituality is guaranteed to change the minds of any Afrikan anywhere in the world who watches it all the way through. By the end of this series, a sincere and racially-loyal Black person, no matter where they reside, will be forced to re-evaluate their belief system, abandon all forms of foreign religion, and see the Creator through an Afrikan lens.

Where Is Your Black God?
The Black Race has been locked in a european spiritual prison for hundreds of years. We have learned to love and worship our enemies and to despise and hate ourselves. Until we see God in our own image we will never again experience progress and joy on planet Earth. We must revisit the lessons of the past in order to rediscover who we are in relation to Our Creator. Until such time, we shall continue to suffer! One of the main obstacles in the way of a Black spiritual revolution is a european concept called 'belief.' Ancient Afrikans mastered science and mathematics and constantly sought knowledge, wisdom, understanding and truth. We also lived by the principle of practicing self-respect. whites replaced these fundamental Afrikan life principles with a frivolous concept called 'belief.' Every since Black people stopped knowing and started 'believing,' we have been suffering under the yoke of european dominance and oppression. Our future lies in us seeking the appropriate knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that can release us from spiritual and physical bondage and prepare us to take our rightful place as God's first people. We must return to our Black God!

From the Plantation to the Pulpit
European history is mythology. European mythology (European hallucination) can only work against Black people where there is an absence of contact with reality, an absence of knowledge of Afrikan history. - Dr. Amos Wilson whites use christianity as an instrument to exploit and annihilate Black people, while Black people use christianity to excuse away every barbaric injustice committed against us by whites.

This lecture examines the creation, development, and refinement of the christian religion as a major weapon in the arsenal of the system of racism white supremacy.

Journey to Amen
The Black Race has been locked in a european/arab spiritual prison for hundreds of years. This lecture allows us to follow one man's journey to finding his Black God and Goddess and provides critical perspective on what it takes to restore an Afrikan to our righteous Black spirit and mind.

Never before has there been a more direct discussion on the spiritual enslavement of our people and never before has there been a clearer path to escape the spiritual enslavement that plagues Afrikan people across the globe.

The War Against Satan
Satan has taken over the economic, political, social, religious, and spiritual culture of the Black community in America. And he is trying to wrestle a complete grip on the entire Afrikan world.

With only a few people willing to publicly stand against Satan's wicked world of destruction, men like Apostle Gino Jennings, Irritated Genie of Soufeese, and a hand full of others represent the modern-day Davids facing the Goliath of homophile culture and demonic wickedness being forced on the entire world.

This video reminds all of us of our duty to keep God's law and our cultural responsibility as Afrikan people to live by a code of decency and resist the wicked world of Satan at all costs.

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